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The New "IT" Plant?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Staghorn Fern

Check it out in all its glory, the Staghorn Fern! This beautiful indoor or outdoor plant can be potted or mounted onto wood. Trend setter Joanna Gaines just revealed in her latest Instagram post the installation of a 26 year old Staghorn Fern she sourced from Florida. These plants can get massive as you can see from a recent trip of ours to Maas Nursery in Seabrook, Texas. Kim is standing underneath at least a 15+ year old Staghorn (picture below).

How to Care for the Staghorn Fern

These plants are mostly pest free and can easily be grown in Houston. Staghorn's love humidity but good care should be taken to maintain those atmospheric conditions especially when they are young. If placing indoors, try to avoid placing it next to a blowing A/C vent because it sucks the humidity right out of the air. For added humidity, this plant likes a small weekly misting. Just make sure you do not overwater your plant. Your fern will show you signs when it needs water. If your fern needs water, the leaves a.k.a. fronds, will start to wilt and it will recover quickly once watered. Their fronds, can easily be burned if it is placed in direct sunlight. Therefore we recommend placing your Staghorn Fern in consistent shaded light. They can handle more sunlight but just keep in mind that the watering will need to occur more often so that the plant does not dry out.

Looking for a Staghorn Fern in Houston?

We found a great selection of Staghorn Ferns at Plants for All Seasons and The Arbor Gate but not many other places, thus far. If you are wanting to be ahead of the trend try visiting the nurseries listed or be on the lookout, we think more and more places will start carrying these Staghorn ferns! Rightfully so- such a cool plant!

Forget-Me-Not Pots Spin on the Staghorn Fern

Last year, Kim asked her husband, who is a hobbyist woodworker to create the quatrefoil shaped cedar plaque. She then mounted the Staghorn Fern using sheet moss and burlap cord to attach. It was such a fun project and it turned out great, that it was hard for us to give away! That was one happy client!

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