We are tickled green that you are here and interested in Forget-Me-Not Pots Container Gardens! To get started, there are a few different ways that we can offer our help to give your household that full designed planter look. View your options below and we'll be in touch once you select buy now!

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Full Design Consultation

For our Full Design Consultation, we come to you and learn each and every client's needs and dreams to build a custom design package unique to each client. We manage the entire process from design consultation, sourcing new containers and plantings, to installation and a 2-week follow-up checking in on the containers. Each client is unique as in some have current containers and want to add more or are starting from scratch with no containers. Our full design package includes us creating visuals for the client to fully understand the overall look of the project.  This is a $250 charge that includes: Both Kim and Jessica on site to take measurements, photos, your sun/shade situation and discuss what your wishes are.  After we leave, we plug in all your photos and measurements with our recommendations of new containers, Garden furniture, statuary or accents with a full plant list and location of where to place. We build the design and estimate out anticipating to do the job. If you decide to go with us (we hope so!) Your $250 consultation charge will go towards the final invoice.



Refresh Your Containers

If you are not needing a full design plan and currently have the containers that you are interested in having us fill, we can do that too! With our refresh service, we require a minimum of two containers typically larger than 16” planting space. We have found that anything smaller doesn’t allow for us to have a textural plant combination that we have made our standard. This is a minimum charge of $300 which includes a seasonal plant design by us, planted with premium soil, time release fertilizer, watered in and leaving the space clean. All we need from you is the measurements of the container and if it is located in full sun or shade.  We source only the best plants available from both our Wholesale and Retail nurseries because we want you to have a full design, in bloom look. We will ask if there is a certain look or colors you wish to have but the plant choices will be chosen by us for instant impact.



Virtual Consultation

If you are wanting to try your hand at the entire container gardening process but would like some hand holding- we offer virtual consults!  We get on the phone or Zoom with you to discuss your containers and then give you “homework” to go and find the plants at your choice of nursery that we recommend.  Further guidance is given on how to place and plant in the container with the proper soil and fertilizers to keep your containers thriving all season long.  We also help if you are at the nursery and the plants we suggested aren’t available, we can assist you in pivoting based on what is available.  This allows you to be the creative one while making sure it will come out beautiful.  We love when others want to get their hands dirty!  This is a $50 virtual consult charge with 3-5 phone calls.