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How to Get Started: Get a Quote
It's time to get started on the garden of your dreams.
But first...

Fill out the short form below so we can understand the design needs for your space! We'll be in contact within 24 hours to schedule your 15 minute complimentary on site consult.


During your consult, we'll discuss design needs, goals, and budget for your space and then confirm next steps to get started on your Design Plan! 


Once you receive your design plan, we'll review any changes that need to be made and schedule your delivery and install date! 

How did you hear about us?

Questions, Details and More.

What size planter containers work best?

A: We prefer pots that are 20" in plant space either in diameter (round) or cubed. Reason is, in order for us to create a designed plant arrangement, we need available space for multiple sized plants and flowers. Additionally, due to our climate, when your container is larger it retains water better. Which helps to keep the soil moist longer and ensuring your plants will look their best no matter the season we happen to be in. We have found smaller containers tend to dry out too fast, which ends up stressing the plants and they end up failing quicker.

Do we help find containers for the client?

A: YES!  We have perfected the art of sourcing containers to match the style of everyone's unique home style.  In Houston, there are so many different styles and we coordinate to further show off that style.  Also proportionally size the container to the location needed, so it looks designed and well placed.

How long does a container garden last?

A: Our container gardens are planted with the seasons finest color and are built to look their best for 3-4 months, some plantings can be extended for longer with maintenance but the seasonal plantings are meant to be changed as the seasons.

What happens if a plant fails soon after installation?

A: We have a 2 week plant guarantee.  If there are issues within the 2 weeks and the containers have been properly watered, we will replace the plant. Sometimes within 2 weeks we could see problems that have already been there from the growers or nursery but don't show signs right away.  It is important that you keep your eye on your newly planted container to make sure everything is thriving.  After the 2 week window we can replace the plant if wanted for a charge.

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