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Plant Highlight - Sunpatiens

One of our favorite plants we keep placing in container after container is the Sunpatiens. This hybrid is from the common Impatien. Sunpatiens are a show stopper in blooming power, so many colors to choose from, works in containers or the landscape and can take the HEAT. Check, check, check! There is a catch though, isn't there always, this is a thirsty diva plant, and it will tell you when you've gone too long between watering. When I say diva, I mean it. If it has been too long between watering, this plant will wilt to the point of looking like a wet dog - but don't despair! This is one resilient diva! Water thoroughly and watch, within an hour your Sunpatien will bounce back to it's full shining glory. Want to see for yourself? Watch the quick time lapse video below!

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