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The Fern That Can’t Be Stopped!

Have you ever grabbed a big beautiful healthy fern at the store because it caught your attention? You couldn't resist it's green and lush foliage but then after a couple of weeks on your front or back porch, it turned into a crispy planter and down the drain your money went? Chances are you grabbed a Boston Fern. Boston Ferns do not like any sun. If they get the slightest amount of sun, they begin to burn and shrivel up. Well, we have news for you! We found a fern that can take sun and it is our favorite fern to use in potted containers - let us explain why!

Meet the Kimberley Queen Fern.

Most people have heard of the Boston Fern, but have you ever heard of the Kimberly Queen Fern? The Kimberley Queen Fern can take the shade and the SUN!! That is right, she can handle the sun. Both Jessica and I personally own and have it planted in spots that get 4+hours of the hot western sun in the summers, with no leaf burn!! Our only tip is to keep her watered consistently, don’t let her dry out, that is a sure way to get browning leaves.

Let us list the reasons on why we love this fern:

  • The upright growth makes it a perfect ”thriller” plant in container combinations

  • The texture of the leaves, with its lacy look and density

  • Hardy in southern summers

  • Thrives in humidity- hello, Houston!

  • Wispy branches blows in the wind

  • New fronds unfurling is the cutest thing ever

  • Can be split to make 2 plants with minimal damage

  • Also considered an indoor plant, just place near bright lighted window

  • Has been known to come back from a freeze

Some unique facts about FERNS

One of the coolest things we have learned recently is there is a fern in the depths of the rainforest, that botanists have found a certain chemical inside the fern that helps with photoaging - aka sun damage the plant might receive. They have discovered that when this fern gets touched by a ray of sunlight, it starts producing a chemical that repels the damaging effects, a sun damage defense of sorts! So now, dermatologists and botanists extract this chemical and use it in face products and sun screens to fight the damaging rays. Both Jessica and I take a sun pill with this chemical in it daily to help us fight the harsh sun rays we are exposed to in our line of work. To read up more on the sun pill, click here Isdin Sunisdin Daily.

Kimberly Queen Fern Plant Combinations

Here are a few of our plant combinations with the Kimberley Queen Fern. We like to use the fern as our main thriller in the planter.

If you love the look of ferns and want other ways to incorporate it into your life, here is a great wall art print we like to decorate with. It has great green colors to add to any interior space.

Perfect Container

If you're dying to bring home a Kimberly Queen Fern, another area of the home you can bring it in is indoors. With its bright vibrant green color it will look phenomenal in a darker style planter. This black plant pot with stand is perfect to place a Kimberley Queen Fern in. No need to drill holes or fully plant this up, just drop the fern with it's nursery can inside the container to easily be pulled out and watered in the kitchen sink. Expertly designed!

We hope you will be on the lookout for this beautiful plant, and once you find her, you'll never want to grab a Boston Fern again. Leave those behind for someone else to purchase and see it burn to a crisp on their porch.

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