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Jessica and Kim, owners of Forget-Me-Not Pots

Hi we're Kim and Jessica, owners of Forget Me Not Pots!  We design, install and maintain custom flower container gardens to help transform residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Complimenting the landscaping you already have in place, we'll create a stunning colorful ambiance tailored to your home.

We cater to those who either need a hands-off or hands-on experience with one of nature's most beautiful gifts-plants and flowers. We are attentive to each project’s specific needs to ensure the design and quality of plants will last throughout the season. Let us create an unforgettable flower container for your home, rooftop patio, or business that will have others green with envy!

About Us

From custom designed container gardens to beautiful tabletop gifts, we offer a variety of services that can help transform your indoor or outdoor space. 

Residential Container Gardens

We design, install and maintain indoor and/or outdoor container gardens for your home by using your existing containers, or we can acquire new containers on your behalf. Our designs are perfect for rooftop gardens and patios as well!

Commercial Container Gardens

For businesses located in the Houston area, we can help select, deliver, install and maintain container gardens that help create a professional and inviting workspace. Leave it all up to us, it's really that easy.


Forget Me Not Pots offers maintenance programs for your residential and commercial container gardens that we install. Leave it to us to keep your containers looking their best all year long.


Tabletop Gift Pots

Living gifts are a beautiful and unique way to celebrate and remember those who are important to you. We can create one of a kind seasonal gift pots and deliver them on your behalf!

Your Go-To Pumpkin Gals!

It's that time of year! Leave the holiday front porch decorating  and design up to Forget Me Not Pots.

We'll supply several varieties of pumpkins, crotons, hay bales, and gourds delivered and designed for your front porch for a beautiful, magazine inspired look.


Work With Us

Each space we work with is unique when it comes to containers and design needs. Based on what you'd like us to create for your home or business, we offer complimentary 15 minute on site consults to begin the process of working with us. 

We'll discuss design needs, goals, and budget for your space and then confirm next steps to get started on your Design Plan.

Custom Design Plan

Every new project begins with a custom Design Plan. We believe that having a clear picture of what your space will look like once the project is completed helps set expectations and make sure you're happy with the end result. 
What You'll Receive
  • PDF document with design mock-up images of container pots with plant suggestions, placement of containers in each area, and dimensions so you know exactly how your space will look

  • Confirm placement of existing container pots and suggestions of new planters

  • Photos and measurements for each project area

  • Plant names are labeled for easy reference 

  • Estimated cost of services and installation per area

  • Monthly maintenance pricing 

  • PDF is yours to keep whether you go with our services or not!


**Pricing does not include cost of new pots and plants/flowers as this will be a separate cost depending on design needs! Design plan does not get applied towards final invoice cost.

What Clients Are Saying

I was absolutely thrilled with my plants/champagne art installation in my orange urns at my Round Top business. My urns are photographed constantly by passers by and I LOVE my champagne garden! Kim and Jessica are professional, prompt, incredible clever and creative and I could not be happier with the finished product!


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND and will continue to use Forget-Me-Not-Pots for further projects! I am a VERY satisfied client!

~Marla Hurley

What Sets Us Apart
Forget Me Not Pots

Our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint

Forget Me Not Pots

Women owned and operated

Locally-sourced, locally-grown native plants from reputable Houston nurseries.

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