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Leave it to us.

After installation at your residence or your business, we offer a maintenance service plan customized to fit your specific planter needs. By joining our maintenance program, we can offer a true hands-off experience to keep your container gardens consistently looking fresh throughout the seasons.


Forget-Me-Not Pots will make site visits on an agreed upon maintenance schedule. The service can be monthly or quarterly depending on your scope of work. The plant maintenance consists of pruning branches, deadheading flowers, fertilize, inspect for bugs/pests and treat, and thoroughly water all container gardens.



For consistent curb appeal Forget-Me-Not Pots can install new plants into your containers as the seasons change. The Refreshment Service can consist of all four seasonal refreshments which includes a newly installed design. Book your refreshment service today!


Going on a vacation? Protect your investment by leaving it up to us with our plant sitting services. Leave it up to the experts to take care of your garden especially in the heat of summer. We know when and how much water each container garden will need while you're away. Reach out in advance to get your home on our schedule.

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