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Your Go-To Pumpkin Gals

It's that time of year again! We're excited to bring the pumpkin patch to your front door! We've been designing magazine-inspired Fall looks since 2020, and this year it's going to be even better.

Check out the packages and details below and place your order today!

Pumpkin Packages

Choose your desired package as well as additional design options below. If you have specific questions before placing your order, check out the FAQ's below, or email us at

pumpkin patch front porch
forget me not pots pumpkin patch
forget me not pots pumpkin

Touch of  Fall

What's Included:
  • Ideal for small front porches​

  • 20 or less pumpkins and gourds of various sizes, imperfections and colors

  • Delivery between October 2nd through October 20th

  • For additional options to add to the design, see the add-on's below to add to your order!

  • Removal service available at an additional charge

  • Additional details see below in the FAQ's

$350 + tax

Southern Front Porch

  • Ideal for larger front porches 

  • 30+ various sized pumpkins and gourds with varying colors and imperfections

  • Delivery between October 2nd through October 20th

  • For additional options to add to the design, see the add-on's below to add to the order!

  • Removal service available for an additional charge

  • Additional details see below in the FAQ's

What's Included:

$850 plus tax
forget me not pots pumpkin front porch
forget me not pots pumpkin patch porch
forget me not pots front porch

Add On's

Mix and match various options to complete the look for your custom front porch design!

Pumpkin Delivery Zones

We're happy to deliver and design your pumpkin decor for this Fall season beginning 10/2 to 10/20. 

$10 Delivery

$15 Delivery

$25 Delivery

FINAL_FMN Pots Version Houston-Zip-Code-Map-01.jpg


1. How long will the pumpkins last?

 With the Texas heat, we highly recommend bringing pumpkins on your front porch after October 1st.  With our humidity the pumpkins start decomposing at a faster rate.  Delivering October 1st ensures the least amount of decomposing to get you through the Fall holiday season.


2. Help! One of my pumpkins is rotten?

Remove the rotten pumpkin as soon as possible.  If left alone, the rotten pumpkin will amplify the rate of the other pumpkins decomposing faster, especially if they are touching one another. It's best to remove it from the others as soon as you see any signs of decomposing.


3. What can I do to prevent my pumpkins from rotting?

This year, we'll take care of that for you. We will spray a persevering mixture to prevent early decay that lasts up to 4 weeks.  On top of preserving, the mixture will also keep the pumpkins shiny and fresh. 


4. When will my pumpkin package be delivered?

Because of the high heat, all pumpkin deliveries will take place after October 1st. Once package payment is confirmed, Jess and Kim will reach out to you with your delivery date.  We will deliver on a first come first serve basis, however if there is an important date to make, please let that be known on your order or email us directly.


5. Do you remove the pumpkins after the season is over?

Yes, we remove pumpkin packages, just choose the removal package when you place your order on the shop page.  We take all the pumpkins and hay bales to a local farm for the animals to enjoy.  The croton plants and mums are taken to a compost site if expired, leaving nothing to go to a landfill.  We can offer removal to take place before or after Thanksgiving, which you can request in the notes section within checkout.


6. What if I have a unique pumpkin request that is not listed or offered?

We love special requests and try to make it happen if possible, just email us at before choosing your package to see if we will be able to accommodate.  Last year, we were able to accommodate special requests for an all white package, and a pink and white pumpkin package!  

7. Where do the pumpkins come from?

When you order pumpkins from Forget-Me-Not Pots, you are also supporting a family owned and operated farm out of Floydada Texas. Located in the panhandle of Texas, Floydada is literally the pumpkin capital of Texas. They grow every pumpkin from seed and harvest them off the vine just before our truck arrives to drive them down to Houston. The two of us will wipe down each pumpkin before they come to your home so that they are nice and shiny and ready to be displayed.

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