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Why are plants better gifts than flowers?

Has your significant other ever presented to you a beautiful arrangement of cut flowers and within a week they were drooping and dropping petals everywhere? Then off to the trash they go! I’ve experienced this many times and it always irked me on how short of a life cut flowers can be. Well those times are over! I finally got enough guts to tell my hubby, “You know, can you buy me a plant instead?” Let me explain a few reasons why plants are better gifts than cut flowers.

For one, they last longer. Indoor plants will last years if they are taken care of and have the right light settings. I for one, open our blinds in our home daily to let a flood of light that will shine on each leaf. Some plants are close to the window and some are not. They each have their own little area and are a joy to look at. Of course you lose some indoor plants at times but at least they last many months longer than a cut flower arrangement. It’s all about learning why that plant failed and seeing about small adjustments on light, water and location. If you don't know how to care for the plant, first you need to know the plant name and then use google. A simple google search will give you a plethora of resources on how to care for that individual plant. A good read we came across is: "How to Houseplant: A Beginner’s Guide to Making and Keeping Plant Friends" by Heather Rodino. She has a funny take on caring for indoor plants as well as learning about the common pests and diseases that you could come across in you indoor space.

Secondly, I don’t have to feel guilty about keeping another clear vase at the top of my closet to collect dust. Over the years, I have collected so many glass vases from flower arrangements it just seems like a waste. My husband never brings the vase to the flower shop to fill, he just buys another arrangement that always includes a glass vase. When buying a plant that comes with a nursery can, you can just drop it into a pot or basket that you always keep in the home. We call it drop potting. It’s when you leave your plant in its nursery container and just drop it in a beautiful pot or basket. If the plant expires, both the nursery can and plant get thrown away and you don’t have to worry about hanging onto another glass vase. Just buy another plant to place back into your container holder.

Lastly, there’s some type of pride that grows within you when you keep a plant alive. You’re essentially caring for something out of nature. You are talking to it, feeding it nutrients, water and giving it the right light. Caring for any “living thing” will give your life a sense of purpose, responsibility and bring great joy when you see progress in your efforts. You might not even realize it. I know I didn’t realize I needed a tree in the corner of my home until I bought one for a client and had to store it inside my home for a week. I was like yep, now I need one too! Once it was removed and sent to its forever home, my home then seemed empty. I needed that tall coverage of leaves and branches surrounding our living area. It felt like it was supposed to be there and a part of our family. Once it was gone everyone seemed to miss its presence.

If you're interested in indoor plants here in Houston, we are able to source the right plants for your space. We can bring the plants to you and use your existing pots or we can source new ones. Just reach out whenever you're ready. Looking at planted flowers in a bowl is much more satisfying to view than a cut flower arrangement. You won't be disappointed, we promise!

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