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After Freeze Plant Care

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

If your yard got frost slapped from the crazy winter storm Texas experienced, here are a few pointers you can do to bring back the GREEN!

  1. If there is anything mushy, extremely wilted, and has a smell - it needs to be removed or trimmed back as close to the ground as possible. These include annuals (pansy’s, Cyclamen, ornamental cabbages, etc.)

  2. Some of your tropical plants might truly be lost. If they are wilted and mushy it is best to remove. If you are still hopeful, you can wait and see, but best to trim back as much of the mush as possible.

  3. Shrubs and trees might be looking a little brown due to the frost damage. They should be ok and don’t do anything until Mid-March. In Mid-March you can trim a bit off the top to get rid of the brown and then fertilize with a shrub and tree fertilizer. We like to use the Espoma Brand Fertilizer from Lowes. You should start to see new growth pretty quickly.