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What a Fall season we have had at Forget-Me-Not Pots! It has been the busiest yet, and it all started off with an opportunity to style a fall front porch look for an amazing house in Houston's River Oaks.

River Oaks Life magazine reached out to us and explained that they were going to highlight an amazing family with a home that has a lot of history in the River Oaks neighborhood. From the first initial zoom meeting with the Editor, we were itching to get our hands on all the fall things to create a scene that was subtlety spooky, but beautiful with organic materials. Take a look at the design that Kim created to show the Editor to see if it was even on the same page as what she was wanting.

Hand drawn by Kim Czuppon with Forget-Me-Not Pots LLC

The drawing above comes pretty close to the reality we went for once our creation was complete. We had all sizes of pumpkins, baskets and fall colored plants. We designed each piece ourselves - the wreath, lantern pieces and the piece above the door. All of our designs for our clients are well thought out. A lot of times this is what we envision in our heads before purchasing the products and materials to come and style anyone's outdoor or indoor space with plants.

Take a look at all the pictures below to see behind the scenes look at our photoshoot that day. The weather worked out great and we were able to pull off an amazing front cover look for the homeowners.

We love meeting with new clients and bringing to light their visions of their home. Whether that is a full on seasonal scene or beautiful plants that make people happy. You can read more about our business by downloading our published article below.

Let us know how we can create a happy beautiful scene for you!

Forget-Me-Not Pots Article
Download PDF • 4.53MB

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