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Need a New Houston Plant Nursery to Visit?

Plants for All Seasons

Both Kim and I have the opportunity to visit a lot of different wholesale and retail nursery's for our container service business. All of them offer their own specialty plants, shrubs and trees but some have a more magical experience than others. Have you visited or ever been to Plants for All Seasons off Highway 249? The nursery is close to the Spring and Cypress suburbs of Houston but not too far away drive for the inner city folks to visit. Below we list out some of our favorite reasons why we find ourselves continually strolling through this nursery even on our days off.

Their Layout is Dreamy

We love the layout of this nursery! They have their plants neatly arranged and are in their respective categories. This makes it easy to find what you're looking for but it also makes you want to stroll down each aisles as it is so inviting to walk. We love how they have kept mature trees on their lot to provide shade as you stroll through. The aisles are cemented for easy push cart access when loading it up with your favorite plants and flowers. There are wide paths for foot traffic to easily maneuver around their 2 acre lot.

Their Signage is On Point

You can easily read a description on every plant because of their well thought out displayed signage. You don't have to search for the tag or hold the plant up and turn it around constantly until you can find a price. Those small little time savers for us is a huge plus and we love how they thought of this for their customers. Also, each plant category can be easily viewed due to their placement of signs. You can find herbs, groundcovers, shrubs and annuals just by scanning the nursery yard.

Unique Garden Art

Not only do they offer plants and pots but you can find unique garden art to enhance your outdoor living lifestyle. We liked these tentacle looking arms and thought it would look whimsical peaking out of flowering shrubs. There are lots of artistic art pieces to choose from. We didn't get it pictured but they have this amazing outdoor bar cart that can hold a plethora of potted plants and would definitely make a statement piece in someone's backyard. We just might go back and buy it.

Check Out Our Personal Nursery Tour Below

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