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Care Tips for Your Tabletop Planters

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Congratulations on your new tabletop purchase from Forget Me Not Pots! Now that you have your lovely arrangement I'm sure your curious about it's care needs. Please follow our tabletop care tips below when it comes to extending the life of your tabletop arrangements.

Light Settings

We build our tabletop arrangements with plants that can handle medium to bright light when set indoors. What does that even mean? This means place by a south facing window preferably or by windows that provide natural light close by. Please avoid placing your planter in a dark room as all of these plants will need some type of natural light. Light bulbs do not provide the adequate light that it needs.


We recommend to water your planters lightly in a kitchen sink. As each planter has a drainage hole underneath and you'll want the sink to capture the runoff water. Once the planter is watered in, leave in your sink for about an hour and then transfer it back to it's home. We recommend watering twice a month, at the very least, and more often IF you notice leaves or blooms starting to droop. You can always do the finger test where you touch the soil and see how wet or dry it is. The soil is ideal with a cool moist feel. If it is dry, it is time to water. If it is wet, then give it another week and check again.


What does deadheading even mean? It simply means removing an old flower bloom from the plant. If your tabletop planter happens to have flowers in it, blooms will naturally fade and will need to be sniped off at the base of the stem. This will keep up the clean appearance and promote new flower growth. Just use clean garden snips or if you're in a pinch and don't have garden tools, you can always use your household scissors. Just make sure the blades are clean. You can use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to clean your blades before trimming off the old growth.

Your tabletop is meant for enjoyment and for the season. As a friendly reminder you can always reach back out to us to refill when another holiday or event approaches.

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