Rental Containers - Home For Sale

Forget-Me-Not Pots has a unique service to where we offer rental containers that are filled with fresh plants and flowers. We have different sized planters that can fit any occasion, and we are constantly adding to our collection so that clients can have endless options with potted plants.

Recently we were asked if we could stage a front porch with new containers to help sell their home. The couple is moving out of state so they don't have time to care for a plant much less ship the containers and plants across America. We all know how the movers will treat them and the plants will probably not make the trip because of the heat of the truck. Therefore, they found our service perfect for their situation. Their realtor even suggested adding flower pots out front to help entice customers to come inside and take a look. Curb appeal can tell a lot to a potential buyer. When you have the front yard in tidy shape with planters and fresh flowers, it adds a homey feel to it and people will want to come inside and see it.

With our rentals we take a look at your space and then we pick the best pots and flowers to highlight your home. We always want to have a cohesive look and design with our planters. FMN Pots has modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic, french country, coastal, shabby chic planters that can fit anyones home and taste. We also take into account how long the rental will be which can be anywhere from a day, to a week, to a month or more! Considering the rental length and the atmosphere where the pot will live (shade, sun, part-sun, etc.) will determine what type of plants we put in the containers. Every container no matter if it is large or small will have that full look everyone wants out of a magazine.

Reach out to us today to find out pricing and see if this will be a good fit for you. We work with all budgets and try to accommodate every customer.

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