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Jessica Malpass

Jessica Malpass


Jessica has dreamed of owning her own business ever since she was a little girl. And now, her dreams are becoming a reality as her and her best friend ride out this adventure together.

She has always enjoyed gardening and working with nature's finest plants and flowers. It started out as a hobby and then became her passion to serve her community with colorful container creations.

Jessica is married with two elementary aged girls who keep her active. She graduated from UHD with a BBA in Business Administration where she majored in Marketing and minored in International Business.

Kim Czuppon

Kim Czuppon


Kim remembers at an early age getting her hands dirty in soil at her grandmother’s greenhouse in her backyard.  She would help make potting soil mixing sand with dirt and perlite to propagate succulent and cactus cuttings.  Fast forward in life when Kim and her husband moved into a new house with a blank grass backyard, ideas for projects started to manifest and so did the thirst to gain knowledge of plants and flowers and how she could incorporate into her own small backyard. She only desires to go to nurseries for a fun day out and will always come home with a plant from the grocery store and is always needing to go to Lowes for something.  Kim won yard of the month for June 2020 and a member of Bridgeland Garden Club. One day she hopes to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

With her small garden beds and countless container change outs for all the seasons, Kim saw that she could help others with her gained knowledge of landscaping and successful container plantings but didn’t know how to reach out to help others.  At the most perfect time, Jessica reached out with a business idea of her own.  We talked, and tweaked and talked some more, and planted containers together for a neighbor and then the Forget-Me-Not Pots company began to grow, and grow.  

Kim is a mother of two wild and crazy toddler boys that love to help out in the garden and also run over her flowers with their tonka trucks.  But that is ok, plants and flowers are resilient.